Do You Know the 3 Mindset Traps?
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Feeling overwhelmed that you don’t have what it takes to build a profitable and sustainable business?

Hi there, I’m Sylvia, and I can help you overcome the negative voices in your head so that you can take consistent action to grow your business faster and still live your version of “the good life.”

Can you relate to any of these?

Don’t let your self-doubts and perfectionistic tendencies get in the way of building the business and life you want!

There is an easier path.  

A path that leads you to accomplish more with greater confidence and ease. Take a few moments and breathe deeply in and out. Feel yourself getting calmer and more grounded with each breath. You’ve got this.

  • Raise your rates by 20 percent for existing clients, knowing that even though it fills you with self-doubts and thoughts like “I’m not worth it” or “people will think I’m greedy” you know you’re providing a great service.
  • Turn down a prospective client who you know in your gut is not the right fit. You feel a wave of relief washing you over as you hang up the phone. Gone are the days of ignoring your intuition and regretting it. You smile as you pick up the phone to make a referral to a colleague whose work you trust. There will be no urges to stress eat tonight!
  • Look over your 12-month work schedule in the beginning of January and black out the vacations you plan to take over the course of the year.  You’ll use these nonnegotiable weeks to recharge and refresh so that when you return to your business you’re completely re-energized and focused. You used to downplay the importance of self-care and vacations, but you’ve learned that taking time off from your business to rejuvenate actually pays off in happier customers, happier you, and happier family and friends.

As your business coach, I draw on my expertise as an established psychotherapist and entrepreneur to partner with you to maximize your mindset so that you accomplish more and do it faster and easier.

Ultimately, we work hand-in-hand to sculpt your ideal business and life so that you are truly living the life you want and running your business in a manner that allows you to do so.

Specifically, we’ll work together on:

  • Maximizing your thinking so that you’ll be able to think through your options more realistically rather than jumping to conclusions and getting stuck.
  • Managing your emotions better so that you can plan and run your business more effectively and be less likely to go home and yell at your partner and kids.
  • Tapping into your inner confidence so that you can set healthy boundaries, know when to say no and when to tune out from other people’s judgments that don’t serve you or your business well.
  • Trusting your gut. This comes in handy whether you are deciding on which ideas to invest time and energy in or to avoid hiring the wrong person.


Don’t waste any more time getting stuck paying attention to the negative voices in your head.

Whether you’re still in a full-time salaried job and find yourself making excuses that keep you from taking action on your dreams, or you’re an experienced business owner and feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do, we can figure it out.

I can help you take confident action to move your business and life to the next level, however that looks to you. Let’s partner so that you can thrive, not just survive. Contact me today to set-up a consultation!

Xxoo Sylvia